After a devastating fire on June 30, 2010 which caused the closure of the sanctuary, the sanctuary reopened in December 2014 at the 7:30pm Christmas Eve service. This photo was taken on February 22, 2015.

Balcony view Sunday February 22

Renovation included strengthening the roof structure, replacing the shingles, repair and in some cases replacement of the stained glass windows, rebuilding areas damaged by the fire, dry walling and redecorating, new sound system, rebuilding of the front platform and many other details.

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The St. Paul’s Sanctuary has excellent acoustics and is one of the best spaces for sound, particularly music, in southern Ontario, featuring a pipe organ and a Kawai grand piano. The Sanctuary seats over 400 people, including balcony space. It is an excellent venue for concerts, speaking engagements, workshops and more.

For more specific information on the use of St. Paul’s facilities, please call the church office at 905.878.8895 ext. 21 or send an email to