If you are interested in having your wedding take place at St. Paul’s, please contact Weddings are performed at St. Paul’s for members and adherents of the congregation and their families.

Wedding Service
In this Service of Worship, we give praise and thanks to God for the gift of marriage and for the love the two of you have found in each other; we ask God’s blessing upon you and your marriage; and the two of you make promises of life-long commitment to each other in the presence of God and God’s people.

Initial Arrangements
Contact the office to discuss your plans and discern possible wedding dates and times. You will receive a Wedding Agreement form. Once an initial contact has been made with the St. Paul’s minister, you may proceed with booking your wedding, by delivering to St. Paul’s the completed Wedding Agreement form and your deposit (see section on Wedding Fees). You will then receive confirmation of the date and time of wedding, the date and time of rehearsal (customarily Friday nights at 6:00pm) as well as contact information for the staff involved.

St. Paul’s is a beautiful place of worship with two aisles, wheelchair access and seating for over 400 people. To view photos of the sanctuary, please follow this link.Parking for the wedding party is reserved in the James St. Parking lot, and parking for your guests is available in the municipal parking lots across from the church or west of the church.  Please note that there is a strict policy of “no smoking” and “no consumption of alcoholic beverages” on the church premises.

Meeting the Minister for Marriage Preparation
Arrange a meeting with the St. Paul’s minister a minimum of 90 days prior to your wedding date. You will meet with this minister twice to discuss the meaning of a Christian marriage, and to walk through the details of the ceremony and rehearsal. Sample services will be available for you to review at this time. The minister will recommend preparation courses available in the area. We strongly urge you to take advantage of these opportunities.

If you desire to have another clergyperson perform your wedding, prior consultation with the St. Paul’s minister is required.  (Please note that some requests may not be able to be granted.)

The Organist/Pianist
The St. Paul’s Church organist/pianist or another qualified musician will be available for your wedding. Couples will discuss their music selection with the church musician prior to the rehearsal. If you choose to have a soloist and/or other musicians, this is a private arrangement made by you.

Wedding Facilitator and Custodian
The wedding facilitator will be present at the rehearsal and wedding, and attends to numerous details to ensure that the wedding proceeds smoothly and tastefully.  Use of the St. Paul’s wedding facilitator and custodian is mandatory.

Church Decorations
Because of the beauty of the sanctuary, weddings at St. Paul’s do not require elaborate decorations. Candelabra and unity candelabra are available for your use; if you wish to use these, please bring dripless candles to the rehearsal. Arrangements for the delivery of flowers should be made with the wedding facilitator. Pew bows are your responsibility; check with the wedding facilitator for guidelines.

Video Recording
The videographer should check with the wedding facilitator 30 minutes before the service to be advised of the appropriate location for the tripod.

In the Province of Ontario, a wedding is performed under the authority of the License, which is obtained from the Municipal Offices. The license is valid for ninety days. All information required on the license will be given to the minister, and completed by the Church administration. The license should be brought to the minister performing the wedding ceremony as soon as possible.

Wedding Fees
$1,425 total, both deposit and balance payable by cheque, cash, debit or credit card, comprising:

  • $500 non refundable deposit on booking
  • $925 balance to be paid 60 days prior to wedding


$200 Damage deposit on booking, payable by cheque dated the day of the wedding or cash, refundable 30 days after the wedding

Offsite Wedding Fee
Once the wedding has been discussed and agreed directly with the minister, payable 30 days prior to the wedding, comprising all of:

  • $300 honorarium
  • .56/kilometre (as per Canada Revenue Guidelines)
  • $100 administration fee