Pastoral Care

Caring for our Family

Our Pastoral Care Action Team is involved in a wide variety of programs offering friendly, practical and emotional support to St. Paul’s congregation members and families in times of crisis or need. These volunteers provide these services in a confidential and caring manner, consistent with Christ’s love and compassion.

The St. Paul’s minister provides many of these same or similar services, in his professional capacity. The Pastoral Care volunteers supplement the minister’s work, guided by the input of the minister.

In November 2018, Reverend Dale Skinner is offering a Grief Group. Please check out this link for details.

Service at Season Retirment Home

Communion served at Seasons Retirement Home

Volunteers take part regularly at weekly church services at Birkdale Place Retirement Community, Seasons Milton, Milton District Hospital and at other facilities in Milton.

Church members, who are trained in issues relating to pastoral care, are available to make friendly visits and emotional, spiritual and practical support to those in Milton District Hospital or chronic care facilities at the hospital, Allendale, Martindale Gardens, Birkdale Retirement Home and Seasons Retirement Home. If you know of anyone needing this service, please contact the church office.

If you would like to become a part of the pastoral care ministry, please contact the church for more information.