Canadian Foodgrains Bank

The Foodgrains Bank is a partnership of 15 Canadian church agencies, which together seek a Christian response to hunger. A group of local farmers, supported by local churches, purchase seed required a plant a grain crop at a site on 5 SideRoad off Guelph Line. The crop is harvested and the proceeds of sale are sent to Canadian Foodgrains Bank to be shipped overseas to feed hungry people throughout the world.

The food is used in one of three ways:

1)     To provide immediate nutrition for people in emergency situations e.g. drought.

2)     To feed people as they rebuild and replant until a crop is harvested e.g. after flooding.

3)     In food-for-work programs where people and their communities work on long term projects such as irrigation and improving farmland so that in the future, people can feed themselves.

The Canadian Food Grains website is