Sunday June 19, 2016 – In Response to Orlando

Many looked for the opportunity to share their grief, shock and outrage after the mass shooting in Orlando on June 12, 2016. Please see Reverend Powell’s Pastoral Letter – In Response to Orlando  on this tragedy.

On Sunday June 19 St Paul’s hosted a community-wide prayer service. Reverend Powell along with two special guests, Imam Ghalib Baten and Halton LGBTQ+ Supervisor Marcus Logan spoke to the increased need for solidarity, compassion and acceptance in our communities, indeed the world.

Tyler Powell, Imam Ghalib Baten and Marcus Logan

Imam Ghalib Baten, Halton LGVTQ+ Supervisor Marcus Logan and Reverend Tyler Powell standing in peace and solidarity wth each other

50 candles

49+1. 49 candles lit in memory of those murdered plus one extra candle for all the families grieving this day

Sunday School Project

Our Sunday School project for the day, proudly displayed on the front of the church following the service at St. Paul’s during our Community BBQ