Giving and Donations

St. Paul ‘s United Church is supported totally by our members. We are not supported financially by our parent church, The United Church of Canada. In fact, the opposite is true – St. Paul’s contributes to the financial support of The United Church of Canada.

The United Church of Canada and St. Paul ‘s United Church are registered charitable organizations. Receipts are issued for all charitable contributions.

Please see Confidentiality Policy below.

Every Member’s Responsibility
On average, St. Paul ‘s has the financial support of about 200 member families at any given time.

Please Make Your Commitment
Every fall, the Stewardship Committee canvasses the current members of the church requesting that families seriously consider what their contribution for the following fiscal year can be. Every family is different – different resources, and different needs. St. Paul ‘s does not ask you for a specific amount of money as your ‘share’ each year. We do ask you to consider financial support for St. Paul ‘s and include it in your family budget. Supporting your church must be one of your family’s budget considerations, right after food and shelter – and of equal importance with other discretionary spending you consider, like hockey registrations, music lessons, and fitness club memberships.

Is the ‘technical’ name for someone who is making St. Paul’s their church home, attending regularly and supporting financially, but who has not formally confirmed their membership at St. Paul’s. To confirm membership, it is necessary to TRANSFER membership from another church where you are currently a formal member, or be CONFIRMED in a congregational ceremony at St. Paul’s. Information on becoming a member of St. Paul’s.

How Will You Make Your Contributions?
Offering Envelopes
PAR – Pre-Authorized Remittance
Post-dated Cheques

Confidentiality Policy
It is the long-standing policy of St. Paul ‘s United   Church that all financial records are kept totally private. Financial information concerning individual family donations is maintained in strictest confidentiality and seen only by the Envelope Secretary and the Church Treasurer. The ministers and other staff members are not privy to this information, nor are the ‘count teams’ who regularly count and record the offering after Sunday worship each week.