We are welcoming and inviting in the spirit of God. We are committed to including all people, regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation or spiritual background, in all aspects of church life. We joyfully take this welcoming attitude into our community and the wider world.

Ways to be welcoming:

  • Inviting people to church
  • Opening my home for those in need
  • Not judging others who think differently than me
  • Speaking to new members and offer help where possible
  • Wear my name tag
  • Seeking out new people


We are committed to providing varied worship experiences and educational opportunities that enable our diverse congregation to further their Christian relationship with God. We attend worship services and participate in faith-related activities, learning from one another as we experience God’s presence in our lives.  As we are transformed by these experiences we will fulfill our commitment as a church to be the ‘body of Christ’ in our daily living?

  • Striving to live every minute of every day in a way that reflects God
  • Attend Bible study
  • Accepting changes for St. Paul’s to become more welcoming and more serving
  • Facilitating new ideas
  • Getting myself and my family involved in Church and faith activities
  • Reading a faith related book


We are responsible for extending God’s love, as exemplified by Jesus Christ to our families, our neighbours, our community of Milton, and the global community.  We commit ourselves to working towards awareness and resolution of social justice issues. We value the opportunity to be good stewards of all our financial, human and environmental resources sharing our time, talents and treasures.

How to serve:

  • Helping with funeral teas
  • Giving my time, talent and treasures
  • Giving more to relief efforts
  • Helping at food bank
  • Being more involved at St. Paul’s
  • Helping needy