Rose Window Memorial Plaque

Rose Window Memorial Plaque

The Rose Window Memorial plaque was created approximately 20 years ago to allow members of the St. Paul’s family to recognize and remember individuals who were important in their lives.  The money raised at that time was used to fund the 1996-97 church renovation and sanctuary lighting project.  Although the plaque was severely damaged in the 2010 fire, it was fully restored as part of the most recent church renovation and sanctuary restoration projects.

We now have a fresh opportunity for people to recognize and remember people important to them by adding their names to the Rose Window Memorial Plaque.

The cost is $6,000 for names placed in the centre of the plaque, $3,000 for names placed in the next ring and $1,500 for names placed in the outer ring.

The Trustees plan to use the money raised to fund several identified capital projects, including noise abatement in the Atrium by the installation of aesthetically pleasing sound absorbing baffles and maintenance and repair of the existing stained-glass windows, including the Rose Window.

To participate in this initiative by recognizing one or more individuals important in your and your family’s life, please contact Carol Kerr, Chair of Trustees, (,  any member of the Board of Trustees or the church office at For your convenience, you can download this order form to supply details.