Significant Dates in St. Paul’s History

Rev. Anson Green, a Methodist saddlebag preacher, arrives in Milton to preach at homes of James Coates and “Widow” Harrison.

Services begin in school house near the present Pioneer Cemetery on Bronte Street.

Milton Wesleyan Methodist Church, often known as our “original chapel” is built just west of our present site.

Parsonage (manse) completed at James and Victoria Streets at a cost of 1400 pounds.

Trustees pay $900 for Main Street lots on which our church now stands.

Our present sanctuary was completed. The cost – $18,000 – was $6,000 above the original estimate.

A new pipe organ was installed with a water-powered pump.

The congregation burns the mortgage on our present sanctuary.
The congregation dedicates the memorial window panel across the back of the sanctuary in memory of seven soldiers killed in the First World War: J. Watts Archer, Alfred C. Bastedo, Meacham Denyes, Cedric Harrop, Roland A. Merrett, Elmer Tuck and Fred Walsh.

Some 450 members of our Methodist congregation and more than 100 members of Knox Presbyterian come together to form Milton  United  Church.

The pews in our church are declared “free and unappropriated”. This meant that pews were available without cost on the basis of “first come, first served”, whereas previously members could rent their “own” pews.

At a morning service members voted 83 to 42 in favour of allowing women to sit on the session, which was the equivalent of our Church Council.

Because of serious money problems, a financial committee is formed to supervise the weekly offerings.

The Ladies Aid provides $1300 to redecorate the church.

The Ladies Aid provides $400 to reduce the church mortgage.

Rev. Gordon Porter is granted leave of absence to serve as an RCAF chaplain.

1942 – September
To save fuel and electricity the evening services are moved from the sanctuary to the Church School Room.

1942 – November
Arrangements made with Knox Church for joint evening services – December and February in St. Paul’s School Room; January and March in Knox School Room.

Financial situation is much improved. Ladies Aid makes final payment on church mortgage.

Memorial service honours the nine members of St. Paul’s who died fighting in the Second World War: John R. Clements, Kenneth A. Coxe, William A. Coxe, Earle Dolby, Roger H. Galbraith, David E. Harrop, T. Jack MacArthur, Donald S. McNabb, and Gordon K. McLennan.