At our 125th Anniversary in 1977 Rev. Lorne Brown, our minister said: “I never stand in the sanctuary of St. Paul ‘s, without a feeling of being surrounded by an invisible fellowship of people, who have gone before us…. Faithful people who responded to community and world needs and in so doing, God has prospered the growth of this congregation.”

“The past has much to say to us; however, it is the future where we will be living and witnessing.”

“St. Paul ‘s has been a family church; the opportunity is open to continue in this tradition with emphasis on growth in family relations.

“St. Paul ‘s has been a Community Church; doors are now open to become intensely concerned about the quality of life that will be part of this growing town…”

And now in 2014 St. Paul’s is 161 years old with roots to early saddle-bag preachers who brought Methodism to this area and established our church. Today the congregation has accepted the challenging responsibility of renewing its buildings. It is springing back from a fire in its sanctuary and the changing community initiatives of a rapidly growing town. St. Paul’s has been inspired to renovate its education building to be more community-inclusive.

Our first Methodist brick chapel opened in 1853 to great celebration and thankfulness. In 1890 our large brick church was built beside that early chapel to meet growing needs and change. In 1962 our Christian Education Centre was built with modern facilities, teaching areas,  meeting rooms, stage, gymnasium and offices.

Now in time for Christmas 2013 the congregation was able to return to a Community Building renovated  in 2013 to meet the challenges and opportunities of today. That includes modern heating, plumbing, elevator  and so much more for the congregation of today and tomorrow to reach out in different ways.

While we acknowledge  with great appreciation, the past and those who have made today possible, we also look forward to the opportunities that lead us and the guiding Christian principles that must be our rudder in the future Milton.

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