The plan

Within the sanctuary, the roof structure has been reinforced and the roof covering replaced.  Interior trusses have been reinforced and new roofing material applied to provide at least a 50-year life.

Insurance proceeds and congregational support are being used to repair the Fire damage inside the sanctuary. The organ has been refurbished for installation at the appropriate time and the pews refinished.

During the warmer weather the exterior masonry work was repaired, heating has been upgraded and the stained glass windows will be returned.

New mechanicals (heating, electrical, plumbing and sprinkler) including a new forced air heating system have been included to serve both the Community Building and the Sanctuary.

Many of the facilities that serve the sanctuary are located in the adjacent Community Building. Linking the two buildings more closely by reconfiguring floor levels and stairways enhances their use.

Our Main Street and parking area entrance off James St. is open to our new gathering space – a two-storey atrium with skylight. From this atrium both buildings are easily accessible by elevator.

Washroom facilities are accessible on each level of the entire building.

Kitchen and kitchenette facilities, still to be furnished, will be located for small group gatherings and meetings as well as the larger events where food is to be served.

A new elevator in the bright and airy atrium provides access to all levels.

The Administrative area is located centrally in the atrium and provides oversight of access to the building.